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03/05/2019 - The DHLK Group & Lynwood Unified School District


...installation of InfiniteR PCMs into Will Rogers Elementary School classrooms' building envelope








Our 23C product will help resolve thermal comfort issues by keeping  temperatures between 70 to 73 degrees during peak hours!



02/05/2019 -

The DHLK Group...  is to work the San Francisco Conservation Corps & the San Francisco Unified School district create and  improve the thermal comfort in K-12 classrooms.




The manufacturer of InfiniteR Phase Change Material donated several hundred square feet of material for the first of many school retrofits.

Where there's no mechanical system to cool classrooms InfiniteR PCM will hold temperatures under 73 degrees during peak hours. -



01/02/2019 - The DHLK Group is on the Move!

"We are offering sustainable passive energy effiecient products to the market like... 

InfiniteR (PCM)"  - Darryl

The DHLK Group is moving forward and will continue to establish successful relationships in our world's growing  global sustainibility movement.


...We look forward to teaming with you in 2019 and beyond, as we grow together, through development and execution of sustainable, cost effective, value driven solutions for commercial businesses and municipalities". 




12/04/2018 - Congratulations to Metro's 2018 Sustainability Award Winners!






Got green building technology?  GSA wants you



The US General Services Administration has issued a request for information (RFI) this week for green building technologies in support of its Green Proving Ground (GPG) program, says Environmental Leader.

The program is seeking information from industry stakeholders, commercial organizations, educational institutions and nonprofit organisations on green technologies that have the potential to improve economic and environmental performance in federal buildings.

The RFI invites technology manufacturers and industry stakeholders to submit information on promising technologies, which will be used in the selection process for technologies to test as part of GPG’s 2015 program. The RFI will be open to applications until Nov. 7, 2014.





~ Mobility-Defined Networks Market Leader ~


..... 08/28/2014

Our Partners at Aruba Networks are the leading provider of access management, network infrastructure and mobility application solutions that helps tens of thousands of customers around the world create next-generation mobility networks.


Aruba designs and delivers Mobility-Defined networks that empower a new generation of tech-savvy users.  known as #GenMobile, they rely on mobile devices for every aspect of work and personal communication and stay connected to everything all the time, no matter where they are.


Mobility-Defined Networks adds controls with real-time data about users, devices, apps and location. Self-healing and self-optimization functions dramatically reduce helpdesk tickets and protect enterprise data. Software that adds mobility intelligence makes Mobility-Defined Networks amazingly easy to deploy, without changing the existing infrastructure. the result is a rightsized network infrastructure that saves It time, slashes capital and operating costs, and delivers the mobile experience that #GenMobile expects.


The DHLK Group is pleased to offer services and products as an authorized Aruba Networks partner, providing our customers with an affordable, enterprise-grade Wi-Fi solution in an Instant. No controllers, no licenses and can be installed and deployed in minutes. As #GenMobile moves forward, Aruba's mobility-defined solutions are at the leading edge in the hottest IT market segment.


Contact The DHLK Group for all the resources you need to purchase and implement the Aruba Instant and Cloud Wi-Fi solution..... It’s that easy!    If you have any questions, please contact me - Darryl

949.272.6130 ~






"The US could heat tens of millions of homes and businesses with waste....."


08/18/2014 - Repost: Intelligent Building Today

The US could heat tens of millions of homes and businesses with waste, according to new study by Columbia University’s Earth Engineering Center.

The study found that using energy generated from waste products could supply the US with 12% of its electricity.

In addition, it would keep 123 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere each year, and would reduce the use of coal by about 100 million tons a year.

“Many developed nations are further along in embracing and expanding their use of energy recovery technologies as a vital part of their sustainable resource management systems. This presents an important opportunity for city planners and policy makers in the United States,” says Nick Themelis, director of the Earth Engineering Center.

In the states District Energy St. Paul is the largest biomass-fueled hot water district heating system in North America – currently providing heat to over 180 buildings and 300 single-family homes.

Other capture projects around the world include a first-of-its-kind project in London to capture waste heat from the underground system and use it to heat homes in the city.

Going further, the report also suggested exhaust from waste-to-energy plants should be used for district heating, commonly done seen in developed European countries.



More!..... 07/01/2014

"The DHLK Group is also pleased to announce that we have signed a teaming agreement to work on HVAC energy saving solutions with Total Energy Solutions  (TES). TES sells and installs Energy Saving Technologies using Toshiba Variable Speed Drives". ~


Variable Frequency Drives - Adjustable Speed Drives

Adjustable Speed Drives

TIC entered the North American adjustable speed drives market in 1981 and has continued to grow the market with our products. By following the most stringent standards, our drives are recognized and proven to exceed the requirements for virtually any industry, application, and environment. Today, we produce award-winning drives that are suitable for virtually any industry, application, and environment.





06/30/2014 - LED Lighting = Value Driven - Energy Efficiency = SUSTAINABILITY...

Walmart plans major LED transition in supercenter lighting globally

Walmart plans major LED transition in supercenter lighting globally

Retailer Walmart has a goal to reduce the power it uses per square foot of floor space by 20% before the year 2020. Moving to reach the goal, the company has announced that it will install new LED lighting in many of its largest supercenter stores across the US, Asia, the UK, and Latin America. GE Lighting will supply a variety of solid-state lighting (SSL) fixtures for the initiative, including the Lumination IS Series for the ceiling lighting that is the largest energy consumer in a supercenter store.

Indeed, Walmart said that the lighting for the main sales floor in a store accounts for 90% of the total energy used in the building. The retailer has already had relatively efficient fluorescent lighting in many stores, including state-of-the-art T5 fluorescent technology in some instances. Still, GE says the Lumination IS Series uses less energy than the best fluorescent products, and the savings from the transition will range from 15-60% based on the legacy lighting installed in stores in different regions.

Walmart and LEDs

"LEDs have become an integral part of our energy-efficiency model for our stores and play a key role in achieving our overall sustainability goals," said Doug McMillon, president and CEO of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. "Just as important, the energy cost savings coming from these innovations will help us maintain the low prices our customers depend on us to provide."

GE and Walmart have a long history partnering on LED lighting projects with GE supplying LED-based freezer case lights to the retailer starting in 2005. Walmart was also a pioneer of LED use in parking lots, working with the US Department of Energy on a project back in 2009.

More recently, Walmart and GE worked together on LED lighting for the first all-LED-lit supercenter that opened last October in South Euclid, Ohio. That project validated the performance of the Lumination IS products for ceiling lighting. "We have worked to find and scale energy-efficient LED lighting solutions that are cost effective and high quality, and now working with GE, we're paving the way to make this a mainstream solution for the retail industry," added McMillon.

GE formally introduced the Lumination IS Series this past January. The linear pendant design is intended to provide an indirect lighting effect for ambient needs by directing light from an LED light engine into linear reflectors.

Roll-out plans

The installation of supercenter lighting will begin this month in the Asda-branded stores that Walmart operates in the US. The initial plans will include 10 new stores in the UK, 30 new stores in the US, 37 new stores in Mexico, 24 new stores and 16 store retrofit projects in China, 10 new stores in Central America, and 30 store retrofit projects in Brazil.

The US projects will serve as a baseline for energy efficiency due to the fact that the typical US Walmart supercenter has relatively efficient fluorescent lighting. Indeed, the partners project savings in the US to be in the 15% range. Still, the actual savings are a staggering 340,000 kWh annually per store, or $34,000 at $10.13/kWh. In other regions the savings will fall in the 40-60% range. And all of the regions will benefit from maintenance savings.

"We've had a long and successful relationship with Walmart, increasing our environmental efforts together," said Jeff Immelt, GE chairman and CEO. "A leader in seeking energy efficiency in the retail industry, Walmart's energy-conscious focus allows the company to attain a substantial cost savings in electricity. We value our longstanding relationship with Walmart and are proud to work with them in reducing their environmental impact."


06/30/2014.... Right now over 70 percent of the world population is convinced that something serious has to be done about the dangers facing the planet. ...Most of humanity wants to know how to make the change.  It's one of those tipping-point times where things can change unbelievably fast... Paul H. Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson, The Cultural Creatives....








06/18/2014 Repost: This Chinese company can 3D print 10 houses in a day!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

From pizzas to prosthetic limbs, 3D printers never cease to amaze – and now the technology can help us build 10 houses in a day.

Image: WinSun Decoration Design Engineering

A gargantuan 3D printer is making up to 10 houses in less than 24 hours out of recycled materials.

The masterminds behind the clever technology work at WinSun Decoration Design Engineering in Shanghai, and they hope their invention will make the housing market more affordable, giving everyone the opportunity to buy their own home.

Each 3D-printed house is about 60 square metres and costs US$4,800 dollars.

Although this is not the first attempt to 3D-print houses, so far it’s the fastest and cheapest.

According to Gizmodo, purists argue WinSun’s project isn’t truly 3D-printed because they don’t use plastic and the houses are printed in blocks that are then assembled on site, but does it really matter?

We think we should just be celebrating the fact there is a new technology in town that can provide affordable housing for those who need it most.

Source: Gizmodo


06/18/2014 - Repost:

Rick Fedrizzi

President, CEO and Founding Chair, U.S. Green Building Council -

Better Neighbors Wanted...

Every once in a while, I find myself between a rock and a hard place.

It's pretty exciting when big, really high profile projects decide to use LEED. We've worked very hard to evolve LEED into a true global standard for defining what a green building is -- and in our view, it is critical that any new construction initiative be built to the highest design and performance standards possible.

Why? Because LEED-certified buildings save energy, save water, save precious resources, reduce waste, mitigate climate change and provide improved indoor environmental quality that enhances the health and well-being of the people who live, work, play and learn in these LEED buildings. In short, while LEED is a rating system, a performance tool, a technology platform and an educational system, it is also a leadership brand, and one that I am committed to protecting at all costs.

But while LEED is the de facto standard for defining green building, it is not, and was never intended to be, a proxy for defining a good corporate neighbor. This is the province of elected officials and community leaders, and all of us depend on them to step up to their civic obligations across many issues.

But sometimes companies who make good design decisions on paper should take a much closer look at the truly questionable decisions they sometimes make around the context of their design.

LG, a world-renowned company, and its project team have created truly beautiful renderings and high performance blueprints for a proposed North American headquarters that aspire to LEED Platinum. But they want to put it in the Palisades, in New Jersey, and have it rise to a height that will break the tree line of this magnificent vista, a design that is hugely objectionable to its neighbors. To suggest that somehow LEED is forcing them to make this bad decision is ludicrous. Good project teams can always find creative ways to meet a LEED credit's intent and honor the place the building will stand.

Place matters in ways we're only beginning to understand, and I'm pretty sure that a company that it is known for innovation, high design and high-functioning problem-solving can find a creative solution that gets them to LEED Platinum and burnishes their credentials as a good corporate neighbor at the same time. And I urge them to seriously try.

A slight delay in construction to reconsider the design in the context of an extraordinary National Natural Landmark could result in a more universally acceptable design solution. That is the kind of leadership all of us would like to celebrate, and would garner the kind of accolades any world-class company deserves.

Follow Rick Fedrizzi on Twitter:


LEED-Certified Buildings That Will Totally Surprise You!


REPOST: Huffington Post    

There are over 5000 LEED-certified projects in the United States alone. They run the gamut from hotels, schools, public libraries, sustainability think tanks, and condos.

Check out these projects that have us raising our eyebrows.


Vegas Casinos


Many green-minded travelers might gag at the thought of visiting Las Vegas, what with all of the light shows, huge water fountains, and the air of conspicuous consumption all around.

Perhaps they will rethink that position. The city is on the leading edge of sustainable construction, with the Palazzo Hotel and Resort Casino, CityCenter’s Aria and Vdara (pictured), Venetian Resort and Sands Expo and Convention Center, and the Venetian all breaking green building barriers.

Among the usual high-tech design elements like solar panels, efficient lighting, and a robust recycling program, the Venetian and Convention Center even sends food waste off to a pig farm to use as compost or feed.

Some simple things to do to live a more Sustainable, Green Lifestyle!





Title 24  Residential Lighting Guide



Published: Tue, 05/27/2014

The California Lighting Technology Center's (CLTC's) updatedResidential Lighting Guide is designed to help builders and lighting

industry professionals navigate the residential lighting portion of California's newest Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24, Part 6). The new standards take effect July 1, 2014 and include updated requirements for high-efficacy lighting, lighting controls, and LED quality.
Explanation of the new requirements for residential lighting are organized by space type

(kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor lighting, etc.) and accompanied by best-practice recommendations and sample lighting plans. The new guide also includes information on current lighting technologies.

The guide was sponsored by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and developed in collaboration with the California Energy Commission.


It is available for download, at no cost, HERE.

DOE Starts Approval Process for Energy Standard

A preliminary analysis from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) found that ASHRAE/IES’s 2013 energy efficiency standard contains energy savings over the 2010 standard of approximately 8 percent.

This is the first step by the DOE in issuing a ruling that could establish the 2013 standard as the commercial building reference standard for state building energy codes.

In an announcement in the Federal Register, DOE attributes the greater energy savings to improvements in ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1-2013, Energy Standard for Buildings except Low-Rise Residential Buildings, related to better lighting, fans, commercial refrigeration, boilers and controls.

The DOE is now receiving comments on the preliminary determination. More information can be found at

If the preliminary determination is finalized, then states would be required to update their codes to meet or exceed the 2013 standard.

Currently, states must meet or exceed the 2010 standard, which serves as the commercial building reference standard for state building energy codes under the federal Energy Conservation and Production Act.

The DOE noted that the 2013 standard contains 52 positive impacts on energy efficiency that were incorporated into the analysis. These impacts included changes made through the public review process in which users of the standard comment and offer guidance on proposed requirements. Specifically the major impacts include:

  • Control requirements for lighting alternations
  • New requirements for individual fans
  • Reduction of energy usage for large boilers
  • Reduction of fan energy usage
  • New efficiency requirements for commercial refrigeration
  • More controls in more spaces and reduction of time to reduction or shut off of those controls
  • Reduction of lighting power density in most building types

- See more at:


*Energy usage impacts our day to day lives.... 06/01/14


Energy Savings / Efficiency for Businesses starts with a few simple steps....

Your workplace lighting could be impeding your business growth. In most office buildings, lighting accounts for 39% of annual electricity use. The figures climb higher in specialized settings such as healthcare facilities (43%) and hotels (55%). As energy costs rise, creating an energy-efficient workplace is top priority to every business.

How Energy Strategies Work

Begin with Dimming
Dimming your lights is a great start to saving energy. A single Dimmer saves a business more than $85 annually, and these commercial dimmers are designed to last at least 10 years. Upgrading to dimmers not only improves the comfort of your space – it improves your return on investment as well.

Single-room Light Control
Installing single-room systems in heavily trafficked spaces increases your energy savings while enhancing a room's comfort levels. Additional installations like sensors can also be integrated with lighting to further curb operating costs. With occupancy and vacancy sensors, your system will remember the lights often forgotten by employees.

Our Lighting Partners dedication to reliable and advanced light control systems has produced innovative and effective solutions. Whether single rooms or entire buildings, We find the best balance between energy savings and beauty.

Energy Rebates & Incentives
Your energy-saving efforts may qualify for federal and state rebates, as well as additional incentives from your utility company. For your convenience, We have created a thorough list of stimulus funds, tax incentives and other programs that could help to provide financial assistance for your project.
Learn more
† Actual savings may vary depending on use and application. Stated savings based on dimming (4) 75 W incandescent reflector lamps (rated at 1500 hrs each, costing $1.75 per lamp or 3000 hour halogen bulbs costing $3.35 per lamp) by 50% (perceived light level corresponding to 40% reduction in power level) for 5 hrs per day with electricity cost of $0.104/kWh. To calculate your own savings contact us at


The DHLK Group Goes Biodegradable!... 05/15/2014

DHLK Group signs distribution deals to distribute " All Mighty Green" bio degradable , non toxic ,hypo-allergenic ,all natural environmentally safe cleaning solution.

" This products provide the strength of industrial cleaner with out any harmful effects" per our managing director Darryl King . DHLK is extremely excited to represent such a great product as we continue to grow our " GREEN " business strategy.


05/15/2014 - SPOTLIGHT: Daryl Hairston - Senior Project Manager


With over 20 years experience in construction and facilities management in Texas and Californa, Mr. Hairston brings a wealth of "hands on" past performance in managing large and small projects.


   "From the first day I began managing projects, I have consistently realized my objective of bringing every single project in on time and under budget. However, I have never believed that meeting those criteria alone was good enough. If you agree that well-managed projects should exceed customers' expectations in terms of quality and service, we should talk.  "Contact me for more information on helping you with Sustainable Solutions, Energy Efficiency / Project Management Services...  Daryl 323.218.4411


The DHLK Group is pleased to start the New Year off with our next project... 12/13/2013


Sr. Project Manager Daryl Hairston will head to the Abilene, Texas area to assist Diamond T Construction with their project administration needs the second week of January. Mr. Hairston expects a minimum six to nine month stint as a sub-consultant for DTC's newly awarded $2.2 mil in natural gas pipeline contracts. 


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